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Tactical Gainz LLC is a personal training and self-defense company founded by Derrick Ball that offers training for those looking to invest in their selves through fitness and protecting that investment by learning to defend themselves as well as the people they care about.  The personal training classes will help those achieve their goals whether it’s to become more confident, get bigger, stronger, faster, leaner, drop body fat, lose weight, gain weight, or just to look good and overall feel better.  Tactical Gainz LLC offer private one on one sessions, group sessions and online sessions.  No gym membership, no problem.  We can travel to you if you’re within our 50-mile radius.  Defensive tactics can be taught one on one or as a group as well.  The tactics taught will help you defend yourself and escape dangerous situations in the event of an attack. Don’t let life’s circumstances catch you off guard!  You owe it to yourself andthe ones you love to be healthy and stay prepared.  

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